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March 18, 2019 Press Release

Washington—Congressman Ben McAdams has signed a letter to the House Speaker and Majority Leader asking for quick movement on a series of infrastructure bills to address long-running needs in Utah and across the United States.  McAdams said upgrades to roads, bridges, airports and the electrical grid are important to Utah’s economy and to improve safety and reduce congestion in

March 13, 2019 In The News

Washington has started the annual work of preparing a budget — a blueprint for our priorities on how we will fund the government the next fiscal year. As a public servant who takes great care when it comes to spending other peoples’ money, I testified at a recent Budget Committee hearing with an urgent plea: begin to reduce the sea of red ink that drowns essential priorities.

March 8, 2019 Press Release

Washington DC—Congressman Ben McAdams today supported a comprehensive package of campaign finance reforms, ethics reforms and government accountability measures to clean up Washington and restore power to everyday Utahns. The legislation – H.R. 1 –also includes an amendment McAdams put forward to shine more light on lobbying activities.

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