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McAdams demands an end to politics; wants bipartisan action on lowering prescription drug prices

December 12, 2019

Congressman Ben McAdams voted yes on H.R. 3 — as well as on a Republican alternative that provides relief from high prescription drug prices. He said both parties and both the House and the Senate must stop playing political games with this issue and come together to get something done.

McAdams said that unaffordable prescription drugs are a top concern for Utah families and the main driver of higher health care costs for everyone. McAdams argues it is critical to provide Utahns with relief from high prescription drug prices as soon as possible.

“The cost of many life-saving prescription drugs is too high. Utah moms have told me frightening stories about the outrageous costs of insulin for their kids. Without taking meaningful action, we are hurting Utahns—especially older Utahns—who are forced to choose between filling their prescriptions and paying their bills,” said McAdams.

McAdams said that H.R. 3 includes changes important to older Americans, such as capping out-of-pocket drug costs and reversing years of unfair price hikes above inflation. While he supports these changes, he wants legislation that can get to the President’s desk quickly.

McAdams calls on Congress to stay over Christmas recess and get this solved.

"Leaders in both parties like to complain about the other side not getting anything done but then refuse to put forward bills that have an actual chance of gaining bipartisan support. Everyone agrees we must make prescription drugs more affordable and stop the abusive practices of the pharmaceutical industry. So, let’s hash this out and get something done. There is a bipartisan bill in the Senate that Senators aren’t allowed to vote on. There are two bills in the House that aren’t that far apart. Instead of working together everyone is trying to score political points while the pharmaceutical industry spends tens of millions to keep the status quo. Enough is enough. I'm tired of watching working families pay the price for these political games.”