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McAdams helps more than one thousand Utahns cut through red tape, recover what they were owed

October 15, 2020

West Jordan, UT—Congressman Ben McAdams announces a milestone of successfully helping one thousand Utahns overcome issues with government agencies. McAdams and his staff regularly assist Utahns to sort out frustrating problems with offices like Social Security, Veterans Affairs, and the Internal Revenue Service.

“One of the most important parts of my job is breaking through barriers to help Utahns overcome mistakes and delays by federal agencies. There is no issue too big or too small – if you need help with a government agency – call me,” said McAdams. “My staff and I have helped Utahns to get almost $1 million back in unpaid tax refunds and other money they were owed, assisted small businesses in getting coronavirus relief funds, and even resolved a 50 year old filing error so a deserving war veteran could finally get his Purple Heart medal.”

McAdams says it is an honor to serve Utahns in these meaningful ways, including one Utah family that was on a cruise this spring when they were redirected to a military base for a COVID-19 quarantine. Unexpectedly in this situation, members of the family were left without their lifesaving insulin and contacted McAdams’ office for help. McAdams says his staff spoke with Monica, on behalf of her parents and West Jordan residents, to arrange for their medicine to be delivered and then helped with travel arrangements back home.

Monica said, “Ben McAdams is my hero. You guys got it done! We are eternally grateful to your office and staff. Words just aren’t enough here, it was such a rough time, and now that part of the journey is over.”

Vanessa from West Jordan had a clerical issue with the IRS resolved, thanks to McAdams’ team, resulting in a return of more than $8,000.

“If I didn’t have the help from this office, I guarantee I would not have received my refund yet. I’m appreciative of people willing to go to bat for me when my voice was unable to be heard,” said Vanessa.

McAdams says that to date, his office has successfully assisted 1,055 Utahns cut government red tape, resulting in more than $899,000 returned to Utahns.

More information on government agencies Congressman McAdams can help with, and to see more success stories, visit the website here.