Help with a Federal Agency

Our office can help cut through government redtape in a variety of ways. Take a look at how we can help and see success stories from Utahns we have served.

How We Can Help

Types of federal issues we can help with

  • Social Security & Medicare
    Help with stalled Medicare, retirement and disability claims, information on post-retirement health care and prescriptions.
  • Internal Revenue Service
    Help with tax refunds and other IRS issues.
  • Veterans Benefits
    Answer G.I. Bill questions, help with disability ratings, discharge papers, replacement medals, and benefits.
  • Military Academy Nominations
    Get information on the nomination process. Nominations are merit-based and the applicant must reside in Utah’s 4th Congressional District
  • Travel Assistance
    Help with passport processing.
  • Federal Student Loans & Federal Grants
    We can answer questions about federal student loans and federal grants.


Success Stories

Below are testimonials from Utahns who received help navigating federal government agencies from Congressman McAdams' office.


Department of Defense

Issue: Deserving veteran who was wounded in the Vietnam War denied his Purple Heart
Resolution: McAdams' staff contacted the U.S. Army to resolve paperwork issues and after 50 years of waiting, the Utah veteran received his Purple Heart.
"We went to an RV show and the American Legion booth was there and I told them my story. They said the only person that can do anything is probably Congressman McAdams because he’s done a lot for the soldiers. It’s amazing just to know that it’s finally legal so I can actually wear it on the uniform, even though I couldn’t do it while I was active duty. It’s pretty amazing!" -Douglas Evans from West Jordan

Internal Revenue Services

  • Issue: Error in forms resulted in significant fines
    "I became frustrated when a technical error resulted in a large fine from the IRS. After a year of letters and phone calls failed to resolve this issue, and the IRS sent me a letter threatening to place a lien on my house, I contacted Rep. McAdams' office. Marcus Lee (Constituent Liaison) responded to my inquiry that same day and was extremely helpful.  He kept me informed with updates throughout the process and the issue was resolved in my favor within a month. Thank you Ben and Marcus!" -Diane from Murray

  • Issue: Withheld tax return 
    $8,148.99 RETURNED

    "If I didn’t have the help from this office, I guarantee I would not have received my refund yet. I’m appreciative of people willing to go to bat for me when my voice was unable to be heard.” -Vanessa from West Jordan 

  • Deondra and family on the trip they could go on because
    the passport issue was resolved
    Issue: Withheld tax return, IRS not responsive
    Resolution: IRS refund was randomly selected for review and was withheld. After contacting the IRS many times asking for information, the constituent called McAdams' office for help. As result, the constituent received information from the IRS and his tax return. -Curtis from Taylorsville

Health and Human Services

  • Issue: Family quarantined on a military base after a family cruise, due to COVID-19, and in need of insulin and other daily medications. 
    Resolution: Congressman McAdams helped get insulin to the family and help ensure travel arrangements were made to bring them back home to Utah.
    “Ben McAdams is my hero. You guys got it done! We are eternally grateful to your office and staff. Words just aren’t enough here, it was such a rough time, and now that part of the journey is over." -Monica

  • Issue: Billed for almost a year for unused services
    $748 RETURNED
    Resolution: Congressman McAdams' office contacted Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) resulting in the charges no longer being collected. -Frank from South Jordan

Passport Office

  • Issue: Long process time
    "I was blown away by how fast the Congressman and his team responded to my request with the passport center. I am incredibly grateful for their help." -Deondra from Holladay.

Small Business Administration

  • Issue: Owner of Utah-based Petzl had trouble accessing the coronavirus small business loan Paycheck Protection Program, due to their affiliation with foreign located Petzl
    Resolution: Congressman McAdams' staff worked with the Small Business Administration to determine Utah Petzl is able to apply for the emergency funding.
  • Issue: Needed help getting accurate information quickly on the emergency COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Program loans available to small businesses
    "Congressman McAdams staff was helpful in providing email updates and written summaries of the various programs available to us. We were able to apply for and receive a PPP Loan which enabled us to keep 100% of our staff employed and operate our restaurant doing just take out and eventually re-opening our dining room." -David from Millcreek.

    Social Security Administration

    • Issue: Benefit payments withheld due to continuation not being filed and tracked on time.
      $14,908 RETURNED, plus monthly payments restarted
      “I was shocked that I received a call back so quickly. I felt that I mattered. When I thought that I was out of options someone told me to call your office. Best decision ever! My problem was solved within 48 hours. Thank you! In a time like this when the country has been flipped upside down, for him to take the time to call me renews my confidence in local politics. Keep up the good fight.” -Christine from Taylorsville
    • Issue: Unable to get widow benefits after husband passed away 
      $5,000 RETURNED

      "Thank you for your assistance! Guess it took getting your office involved to get the ball rolling on this and really appreciate it!" -Marilyn from Murray

    • Issue: Benefits ended unexpectedly
      "I really appreciate your help. I spent hours on the phone calling them with no answer just a recording. The one time they picked up, they said another person would call me back and they didn't. After you contacted them, I got a call from them requesting me to meet with them the next day." -Troy from West Valley City

    • Issue: Unable to schedule in-person appointment to resolve a Social Security Number issue for her child
      Resolution: McAdams' office got the appointment scheduled and the issue was resolved within three days.
      "I contacted the office of Ben McAdams on a Monday afternoon and was able to have a quick resolution to my issue by that Thursday due to their help. It probably would have been even quicker, had I been better about checking my e-mail & picking up phone calls. My husband and I were extremely impressed with the help we received. [McAdams' staffer] Marcus Lee, who assisted us, was kind, helpful, informative, and professional. We are extremely happy with how quickly and smoothly the situation was handled. All in all, we are very impressed by the staff at the office of Ben McAdams."  -Marissa from Lehi

    Veterans Administration

    • Issue: Veteran not receiving their benefits
      “Ben McAdams was very gracious to help my dad with getting the VA benefits. With his help it went very smoothly. Thanks again for your help.” -Janet from Salt Lake City

    California National Guard 

    • Issue: Trouble getting paid for work done with a government agency
      Resolution: A Sandy located business, R&R Enviro did not receive payment for a job they did for the California National Guard. Congressman McAdams' office helped R&R Enviro to obtain payment for the work done. -Stephen from Sandy.

    State Department

    • Issue: Significantly delayed visa interview prevented Haitian immigrant from coming here to train with the Utah Symphony
      "He couldn’t even get an interview to get a Visa and John asked if I knew anybody who could help. So I started calling all the offices of all of our congressional delegation and Congressman McAdams’ office got back to me immediately. They knew what to do." -Patricia Richards, interim president/CEO of the Utah Symphony/Opera.


    Disclaimer: All cases vary and none is predictive