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All Utahns and all Americans are in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus together. We all must do our part prevent the spread of the virus. In Utah, I am grateful to see how we are coming together, including state and local governments, to support frontline medical and health workers, local businesses, and our neighbors. I urge everyone to follow the CDC and public health guidelines of social distancing and limited trips out of the home. On this website, you will find a one-stop-shop to health and safety measures, support and resources available to individuals, families, and businesses, and updates on work I’m doing in Congress to support Utahns.

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Congressman McAdams efforts and information regarding COVID-19

October 20, 2020
Ben Blog: COVID-19 Updates for Businesses and Employees

October 1, 2020
McAdams votes against partisan COVID measure

August 25, 2020
Ben Blog: COVID-19 unemployment and health insurance support

August 20, 2020
McAdams to House leadership: take action on COVID-19 relief now

June 12, 2020
McAdams: Treasury Dept. owes taxpayers answers on where PPP loans are going

June 9, 2020
McAdams fights for less red tape around PPP

June 5, 2020
Small business loan program improvements passed by House, Senate, become law

June 2, 2020
Ben Blog: Small business loan forgiveness 

May 28, 2020
McAdams supports small business loan program improvements; greater transparency

May 21, 2020
McAdams, mental health experts answer questions, offer tips on stress management during COVID-19 response

May 21, 2020
McAdams gives plasma donations to ARUP/U of U research on possible COVID-19 treatment

May 21, 2020
Ben Blog: Top 10 Stress Management Tips For Kids And Adults

May 18, 2020
Ben Blog: Support for rural Utah during COVID-19

May 15, 2020
McAdams to vote against bloated, partisan measure; decries lack of COVID19-specific plan

May 14, 2020
Ben Blog: Gig workers and COVID-19

May 12, 2020
Ben Blog: COVID spending and fiscal responsibility

May 6, 2020
McAdams: CARES Act offers financial relief for student loan borrowers

May 1, 2020
Covid funding for small businesses still available

April 29, 2020
McAdams calls for release of complete list of small business loan recipients

April 24, 2020
McAdams says emergency K-12 school funding headed to Utah

April 23, 2020
McAdams supports billions more for small business loan programs, hospitals and testing

April 17, 2020
McAdams calls on Democrats to get a deal – fund small business loan programs now

April 15, 2020
Ben Blog: COVID-19 and community connections

April 15, 2020
McAdams calls for bipartisan agreement on more federal aid to small business, counties and local governments

April 13, 2020
McAdams calls on federal government to order more personal protective equipment

April 11, 2020
Ben Blog: Top 5 coronavirus questions

April 10, 2020
Ben Blog: Paycheck Protection Program FAQs

April 10, 2020
First phase of CARES Act relief delivered to Utah hospitals, health care providers

April 10, 2020
Financial institutions and small business centers for the coronavirus business loans

April 8, 2020
Utah Community Health Centers receive coronavirus emergency funding

April 3, 2020
Ben Blog: Business survey and resources

April 2, 2020
McAdams seeks ‘fix’ for teens, young adults left out of economic impact payments

April 2, 2020
McAdams: Treasury Department and SBA must clarify path for businesses to quickly access economic relief loans

April 1, 2020
McAdams calls on Treasury to automatically issue economic impact payments to Social Security recipients

April 1, 2020
Ben Blog: Utahns to receive payments for coronavirus economic relief

March 27, 2020
McAdams touts small business loan forgiveness, rural telehealth support as House approves CARES Act

March 26, 2020
McAdams: Bipartisan coronavirus relief bill provides help for individuals, local governments, small businesses, health care workers

March 24, 2020
McAdams: Stop the partisan games and take swift action

March 23, 2020
McAdams putting Utah priorities into federal emergency coronavirus measure

March 19, 2020
Ben Blog: Coronavirus - top ten questions

March 19, 2020
Ben Blog: Coronavirus updates, March 19th

March 14, 2020
Ben Blog: New safety measures to my office operations

March 20, 2020
Ben Blog: Utah business support and coronavirus

March 18, 2020
McAdams statement on COVID-19 illness

March 13, 2020
McAdams votes to give families, communities federal help to respond to coronavirus outbreak

March 11, 2020
McAdams calls for bipartisan actions on coronavirus response and economic recovery

March 5, 2020
Ben Blog: McAdams launches coronavirus COVID-19 website